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Learn about effective marketing and sales training your small to large-sized organization with a hands-on, dedicated team. We can be your quarterback, your scrum master or a coach in your corner.

Liz Oke

There are many paths to the top of the marketing training mountain. my path included a stint in PR, graphic design and marketing management. In 2009, I added digital to my repertoire and hasn’t looked back – consulting large and small businesses to integrate digital into the marketing mix and delivers custom integrated marketing solutions for growing businesses.

Today, I divide my time teaching digital marketing at the University of Toronto and helping my clients achieve their business goals using the magic of the Internet. An advocate of continuous learning, I use my gift for the teachable moment to help my clients learn the ins and outs of marketing themselves through custom training programs. I have experience in law, financial services, insurance, non-profits, fast-casual food service, manufacturing, education and consulting.

Jen Dawson

I’m an award-winning writer, editor and content strategist who knows people still read—they just do it differently. A cultural anthropologist by training, my quest is to uncover a story worth telling, whether my subject is men’s socks, U.S. taxes, PMS or industrial insulation.
Under my byline, I’ve published in national magazines such as The Health Journal, Pharmacy Practice, Drugstore Canada and CPA Magazine and been a featured contributor to ehow.com and livestrong.com. In 2008, I ghostwrote a book on nutrition and fertility that was featured on the U.S. entertainment news show, Extra. In 2018, Feeling Better—a self-help book and my second ghostwriting project—was published by New World Library.

I’d describe myself as a wannabe graphic designer with the head of a researcher, the eye of an artist and the heart of a storyteller. My kids, on the other hand, describe me as a healthy sandwich with a salad on the side. (Their dad, they say, is a donut.)

Sam Miller

My passion for marketing and my obsession with hard work is a match made in heaven to ensure a project is completed on time and on budget. Graduating in 2010 from St. Lawrence University with a degree in Communications, I am a gifted writer, digital marketer, and project manager.
I help make the complex clear for audiences of all industries, including insurance and education. I work on marketing strategy, website builds, marketing automation, email marketing and content marketing strategy.

Donna Tataryn

I have been a retail sales professional for 20+ years, with a career that has evolved in many facets including buying, inventory management, staff management, and most memorably, customer service. In all of my professional advancements, the experiences that I regale the most are the client relationships developed. The joy from being emailed a picture of Jane and her husband newly outfitted at the top of Whistler/Blackcomb, the amazement of watching Karen’s son start kindergarten to getting Jacob into his winter coat to trek campus for his first year at Queens, and even commiserating with Mary, about the recent flood in our area while she planned table settings for her Canada Day celebration.

As every customer service manual and training program will tout; customer service is about the “The Customer Experience”. In customer service training, I focus on this mutually rewarding practice as not only an exercise but an adapted manner of constant engagement.


Each year, we make a corporate donation to an environmental non-profit charity that equals 1% of our revenue. We maintain a low carbon footprint by being 100% paperless and our team works remotely, without a formal office space. We are conscious of reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible, we use public transportation and bicycles to visit clients and promote virtual meetings when it makes sense. We are passionate about the environment. We use energy-efficient workspaces and devices. Our supply chain and vendors are vetted to apply similar practices in their work.